Donatella Gomelsky-Guichard

Bio, Filmography & Interview


Donatella Gomelsky-Guichard is the daughter of legendary music producer Giorgio Gomelsky (Rolling Stones, Yardbirds, Eric Calpton, Jeff Buckley, Bill Laswell and many more). Born in Paris, she studied communication and comparative literature in Sorbonne University. At the same time Donatella was a member of the renowned theater director Luc Charpentier’s theater group “Alambic” both as an actress-performer and as a playwright. She has both directed and performed in multiple plays, most notably “Les Amants dans la Rose” which she both wrote and produced.

Donatella has moved to New York and continued her studies in NYU Film School, subsequently finalizing her education with the completion of a MFA from the American Film Institute. After AFI, Donatella worked as a development executive in Oliver Stone’s company, Illusion Entertainment. She assisted acclaimed French film producer, Rene Cleitman, (“Cyrano de Bergerac” and “Menage” with Gerard Depardieu, “Horseman on the Roof” with Juliette Binoche) in producing Nick Cassavetes’ “She’s So Lovely,” starring Sean Penn and Robin Wright. After her experience in film producing, Donatella went back to theater, and became part of the Milton Katselas’ theater group in LA. Donatella’s passion for writing culminated in completing her first novel “Sentimental Agony”, in 2014.