North Carolina Film Awards – Letter to Hamlet


Congratulations! On behalf of the Program Director of the Spring 2015 North Carolina Film Awards and the Executive Director of Eno River Media Production, we are pleased to present you with your award for your film The Veteran Hour.

The goal of the NCFA is to help increase awareness of the ever-growing film industry and promote independent filmmakers through recognition and publicity for their hard work and creativity. All The Movies Submitted To The North Carolina Film Awards Are Judged Based Upon A “High Standard Of Merit”. Your Film Reached And Surpassed That High Standard.

We appreciate your enthusiasm for the industry and hope the very best for you and your future endeavors.

Closing thoughts from the President of the Board of Directors, William Chandler Vatavuk: “It is a real honor to award you this certificate. Thank you for sharing your intelligently crafted vision with people who really care about storytelling. The staff of the North Carolina Film Awards wish you good luck in your upcoming movie making endeavors and look forward to seeing more submissions from you in the future!”

Sincerely yours;

David Godshall
Program Director – NCFA